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How to make ear cuffs DVD Series

November 20, 2013

These DVD Series will shows how to make modern and trendy ear cuff design. You do not need any piercing wearing this piece.
You can put your favorite semi precious beads on your ear cuffs.

Such as:

Double Spiral Ear Cuff

Double Spiral ear cuff is made to be worn on the upper ear. It has the look of three separate bands going through your ear, giving the impression of multiple piercings. No piercing is required for this cuff.

Ear Cuff with Double Spiral

Middle Ear Triple Band Cuff:

This ear cuff has a triple band design that is open in the middle and has a stacked look on the ends. Made of Sterling Silver

Middle Ear Triple Band Cuff

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How to make ear cuffs DVD Series


jewelry making tools

August 16, 2013

Wire Sculpture Jewelry provide you with all the wire jewelry supplies and jewelry making tools you need to fashion your wire jewelry masterpieces.

Technology is always changing and that means that with every passing day there are new and better tools out there for your jewelry-making projects. Whether it’s beading tools or a digital gemstone scale , or one of our rotary tools , you’ll find the newest and highest quality jewelry equipment on the market today.

If you want the jewelry making tools that will help you craft beautiful wire sculpture jewelry.

For years, has been committed to helping people just like you become highly skilled wire jewelry artists who love their work! From Daily Wire Tip emails to fun Free Wire Jewelry Patterns, everything we do is for one purpose: helping you succeed and grow as a wire artist!

History of Gemstones Cabochons

July 2, 2012

In the lengthy history of Gemstone Cabochons, faceted gems are a recent creativity. Gemstones were not cut with multiple faces in a geometrical pattern till the invention of the horizontal cutting wheel in the Fifteenth century. Prior to that, gems were principally cut as cabochons, a smooth domed shape with a flat base.

At one time all gemstones were formed as cabochons. But Gemstone Cabochons maintain their popularity for 1 or 2 reasons. In the case of supposed outstanding gems like those that display a star or cat’s eye, the gem will only show the fascinating optical effect when cut as a cabochon.

In some other cases, some gemstones are cut as cabochons because they are opaque or see though instead of transparent. Faceting this material doesn’t produce superb results. You may also see lower grade material in gemstones like sapphire, ruby, quartz and garnet cut as cabs.

From time to time purchasers who are keen on cabochons ask us for a high quality sapphire or ruby cut en cabochon. These are tough to find because facet-grade material is almost always faceted as an alternative.

A high quality transparent sapphire will sell for a heftier price if faceted. The rationale is just one of economics. Only lower grade material, known as cabbing rough in the trade, will be cut as cabochons. For in these gemstones the finest stones will be cabochons.

Selection of gemstone cabochons in all shapes, sizes, and gems and designer are available at Wire Sculpture Jewelry Cabochon Gemstones

Gems for wire jewelry

July 1, 2012

Finding the best cabochon Gem is critical to the success-fulness of your wire jewellery. Wire Sculpture Jewelry brings you a giant selection of wholesale cabochons Gems for all styles and sizes.

Cabochon gems can be accents of your wire art, or they can be the inspiration for a whole piece. Our wholesale cabochon gems are unique, natural stones from across the world. Check out some of our recommendations for cabochon projects over at our wire sculpture Jewelry.

Cabochons Gems are rounded stones perfectly suited for wire jewellery making. Our beautiful jewelry Cabochon gems are thoroughly cut and polished to perfection. These wire wrapping stones are as beautiful as they’re versatile! Use big cabochon gem stones in pendants, necklaces and bangles. We also provide cabochon gem stones that are good for earrings, rings, and other fragile wire sculpture jewelry.

Browse our cabochon gem for your next wire jewelry centerpiece. You’ll find beautiful cabochon gems in every colour, shape, sparkle, and shine, a brilliant addition to your jewelry making supplies collection. Wire Sculpture Jewellery gem stones will draw attention to your wire work.

Finding the right cabochon is critical to the success of your wire jewelry

making Wire Sculpture

December 17, 2011

Learn the art of making wire sculptures and wire Jewelry from expert craftsman.

Today, wire sculptures and jewellery take a range of different forms, and an artist is only limited by their own imagination. Actually, those who have started the world of making wire sculpting know the opportunities are endless! Whether your goal is to impress friends or tap into your unconscious creative ability, find out how to create a home-made wire sculpture jewelry.

There are no limits in design and wire jewellery making.

You can try experimenting with new tools, new beads, and new designs. Don’t be scared of failure. Do not become your worst critic. Imagine, take a great deal of pleasure in your creativeness, and attempt to reach outside your understood potential.

New Design and Fashion has proven old trends to be stylish.

Probably the toughest facet of jewellery making once you know how is to come up with unique designs that folks want to purchase.

One of the finest places to find inspiration is thru cultural influences. Every culture has its own aesthetic beauty, many of which are vastly different from what you’ll just assume to be the norm of beauty.

Making wire jewelry could be a fun hobby for many individuals and for yet others, an actual business venture that includes monetary gain on top of delight.

When you are serious about making jewelry in a business where you hope to earn an income you will need a full range of tools and supplies including, an impressive range of pliers and cutters.

Beginner Wire Sculpture Jewelry Making DVDs

October 26, 2011

Get started making stunning Wire Sculpture jewelry with our wire jewelry Beginner DVD tutorials. You’ll be crafting wire like a pro with these Wire Sculpture jewelry Beginner making videos.

Purchasing the entire Beginner Wire Sculpture jewelry Series and working through them in order, beginning with Project 1, All Wire Unisex Bracelet and ending with Bonus Project 9, Crystal Finger Bauble, it’s like being in a week-long workshop – at your own pace!

This beginner Wire Sculpture jewelry series features 19 different projects, including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and a collar.  Dale also discusses the formulas used and shows project variations so you can incorporate the techniques taught into your own designs.

Each Wire Sculpture Jewelry DVD project teaches the skills and techniques necessary to work from one project into the next, progressing from learning how to straighten, bundle and properly wrap with square wire, to hand shaping and how to properly size and re-size wire ring designs!

Each Wire Sculpture Jewelry DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project, along with sizing formulas when needed.

Gold Wire Prices

September 3, 2011

It’s a question that many jewelry makers need answered, but it is a tough question to think about.

As you know, the prices of rare metals fluctuate ; many papers print the prevailing prices of gold and silver by the oz., and this is a great statistic to watch as a jewelry artist, particularly an artist specializing in rare metal wire for sculpture!

The economy is one of the largest factors affecting metal prices right now. With the cautious US economic recovery and the European economy, especially ECU states, affecting the value of the dollar and the Euro, metal prices have been fluctuating for months and will keep on doing so. Extraordinarily hard to maintain a record of it.

You will remember that we’ve updated our wire pricing to reflect current market prices so our wire costs on Sterling Silver wire and Gold Filled wire are solidly up-to-date to match the lowest available price per ounce! You can have faith in that Wire-Sculpture has the fairest price on gold filled wire for our wire wrapping artists, and today we have gold filled wire available as low as $0.54 / foot! As you may know, all our gold filled wire is 14kt quality gold filled wire, and will never rub off like cheap plated wire. You and your customers merit only the best!

And obviously, if you’re a member of our Gold Club, you may always receive 25% off all your purchases, even gold filled and sterling silver wire click here to get some more information!

On August 22, the market gold prices took a small dive, and we updated our costs accordingly our gold filled wire was far lower than usual! That means this is a wonderful time to buy gold wire for your jewelry making! Nonetheless with the volatile US economy, gold costs look like they’re on the way back up. The Street financial consultants are expecting gold costs to come back up this week, so this is like a great time to take a position in some gold filled wire!

So take a look at your wire stash and ensure you have enough gold filled wire to satisfy the demands of summer fairs and competitions, in addition to your own custom work or web-based store. Stock up now and beat the market on gold filled wire and sterling silver wire!